About Us

How Envirotest is Different

  1. Proper mold and interior air quality analysis requires having comprehensive college level education, not merely stating a list of services provided. Look for real qualifications. Envirotest is the only service provider locally owned and operated by a Physician and a Microbiologist trained in Mycology, (the study of fungi.)
  2. Envirotest saves its clients money by making sure they correctly understand what “having mold” means. Only then can it be known whether and how best to deal with it.
  3. Envirotest is not a franchise, does not have multiple or illusory “locations,” and does not use independently contracted inspectors. Envirotest is conveniently located on Capitol Hill in Seattle, and serves Western Washington.
  4. Envirotest does not provide mold abatement, mold removal, building repair, remediation or construction services, and does not sell biocides, fungicides or disinfectants. That would be a conflict of interest.
  5. Envirotest understands the difference between obtaining air quality information that can be used, and that which can’t. ┬áJust because inspection information can be obtained, doesn’t mean it is worth the cost or that realistically anything can be done with the information.
  6. Envirotest clients have included King County Housing Authority, Pierce County Housing Authority, the Seattle Center, Seattle Central Community College, Shoreline Community College, Seattle Schools, KIRO-7, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the National Park Service, Tribal governments, Boeing, churches, law, dental, and medical offices, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance patients, manufacturing and food processing facilities, commercial office building, hotel, and multi-family property owners, condominium home owner associations, storage facilities, banks, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, home inspectors, property management companies, and general contractors.